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Natural Gas

Iowa Utility Association member companies deliver approximately 85-90% of Iowa’s natural gas.

IUA member companies that deliver natural gas in Iowa include Alliant Energy, Black Hills Energy, MidAmerican Energy Company and Liberty Utilities.

If you have specific questions concerning natural gas generation and delivery in Iowa, please contact the IUA member companies that deliver natural gas in our state as they are the very best sources for providing specific information.

We encourage you to visit the American Gas Association to learn more about natural gas. Also, make sure to check out “10 Things You Should Know About Iowa Energy.” You can also learn some very basic bits of information about natural gas drilling, “fracking,” production and transmission & distribution from Black Hills Corporation’s Learn About Energy: Oil & Natural Gas page.

Hydraulic Fracturing, or “Fracking”

The American Petroleum Institute (API) permits the IUA to share its well-produced video on the hydraulic fracturing process to extract natural gas trapped in shale rock formations for reliable energy. You may also visit API’s hydraulic fracturing webpage to learn more.