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Archived News Updates | 2013-2016




December 19.



October 31. MidAmerican Energy Company completes construction on new, 345-kilovolt transmission line (known as Multi-Value Project 4 transmission line) in northeast Iowa. | Read News Release

October 20.

View Gov. Branstad-signed Careers In Energy Week proclamation

October 7. Alliant Energy: Are you ready for cooler weather? Seal and save.

October 2.


September 12.

September 7.


August 26.

August 26.

August 18. MidAmerican Energy launches new phone system to better serve customers | Read News Release

August 15. Alliant Energy‘s 2016 sustainability report includes target to reduce carbon dioxide emissions | Read News Blog post

August 4.

August 3. Alliant Energy offers employer rebate for electric car chargers | Read News Blog post

August 2. ITC Midwest receives special recognition from Iowa Gov. Branstad for its habitat restoration efforts | Read Iowa DNR’s News Release

August 1.


July 27. Alliant Energy announces $1 billion wind project in Iowa to advance clean energy; project supports Iowa’s vision for growing renewable energy (Read news release)

July 15. An Edison Electric Institute (EEI) Briefing Book for State Regulatory Commissioners – 2016 NARUC Summer Committee on energy issues included a section called, “Delivering The Future.” As described by EEI, “this section includes information on how the future of energy is changing, and examples on how electric power companies are leading the change. Electric power companies are creating innovative partnerships, clean energy and infrastructure projects, and game-changing technologies that customers want in order to deliver America’s energy future today.”

July 13.


June 15.

June 6.


May 23. MidAmerican Energy Company released a video today depicting the construction of the largest land-based wind turbine ever built in the United States. Check it out below, and learn more here.


April 18.

April 16.

April 15.

April 14.

April 14.

April 12.

April 4.

April 1.


March 28. Alliant Energy studying more ways to expand renewable energy in Iowa | Read Alliant Energy’s News Blog post

March 24. Iowa Utilities Board reminds energy assistance customers to contact their local utility to avoid electric or natural gas service disconnection as winter heating moratorium ends April 1 | Read News Release

March 7.

March 3. Alliant Energy and MidAmerican Energy warn customers of phone scams | Read News Release on MidAmerican Energy’s Site; Read News Release on Alliant Energy’s News Blog


February 29.

February 16. Governors from 17 states, including Iowa, have committed to work together to seek cleaner energy and transportation, and to build a better electrical grid. The bipartisan group announced what it is calling the “Governors’ Accord for a New Energy Future.”

Senior advisers for the governors expect to meet soon to discuss the initial steps to meet the goals.

For more information, visit the official website:

February 9. U.S. Supreme Court puts Obama’s Clean Power Plan on hold | Read AP News Article

February 9.

February 5. Iowa Energy and MidAmerican Energy team up for education celebration | Read News Release

February 3. MidAmerican Energy completes two major wind projects | Read News Release

February 1. The Iowa Legislature will not meet today due to the 2016 Iowa Caucuses this evening. The Legislature will resume tomorrow, Tuesday, February 2.


January 21. The Governors’ Wind Energy Coalition announced today that it has added solar energy issues to the Coalition’s portfolio, following a unanimous vote from member governors. The Coalition also announced its new name: Governors’ Wind and Solar Energy Coalition. The Coalition is chaired by Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad.

January 20. ITC Holdings Corp. today posted an amazing video of ITC workers on Beaver Island in Clinton, Iowa. The workers installed yellow-coiled bird diverters on its transmission lines because eagles were discovered underneath the lines. According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the installation of yellow-coiled bird diverters on transmission lines reduces bird mortality rate between 50 to 90 percent. WATCH:

January 11. The second session of the 86th Iowa General Assembly was gaveled to order today. Linda Upmeyer (R-Clear Lake) made history today when she formally assumed the duties as Iowa’s first woman Speaker of the Iowa House. With Pam Jochum (D-Dubuque) as Iowa Senate President, today marks the first time in Iowa history that the presiding officers of both the House and the Senate are women.

January 7.

January 1. Happy New Year from the IUA!



December 30. Green service trucks join MidAmerican Energy fleet | Read News Release

December 17. MidAmerican Energy Company‘s I CARE Makes Giving Easy | Read News Release

December 15.

December 8.

December 3.

December 2. Space Heater Safety: 10 Tips from MidAmerican Energy | Read News Release


November 23.

November 19. IUB suspends its review of Rock Island Clean Line. The Iowa Utilities Board (IUB) this week suspended its review of the Rock Island Clean Line, at Rock Island Clean Line’s request. IUB staff is not actively reviewing the franchise petitions for a proposed electric transmission line filed with the Board on November 6, 2014 in Docket No. E-22123 through Docket No. E-22138. No hearing date has been established, but the IUB will accept comments.

November 16. MidAmerican Energy installing first concrete wind turbine tower, to be U.S.A.’s tallest on-land wind turbine | Read News Release; Read The Des Moines Register’s related article

November 13.

November 10.


October 30.

October 25.

October 20.

October 14.

October 12.

October 6. Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds and IPEP kick off the Iowa Energy Plan | Consultants selected; timeline, process and public input for statewide effort are detailed | Visit for general information, plan schedule, public forums and applications to join the plan’s working groups

WHO-TV news clip: New State Plan Aims To Put Iowa on the Cutting Edge of Energy Policy

October 5. Alliant Energy to expand solar generation in Iowa | Read News Release

Mason City to be home to new Alliant Energy operations center; groundbreaking event held | WATCH: KIMT TV 3 news clip

October 1.

Alliant Energy’s Ottumwa Generating Station (OGS) wins “Top Plant” award | Read News Release; View POWER MAGAZINE’s October 2015 Issue feature on the OGS


September 18.

September 16. National Preparedness Month: MidAmerican Energy offers tips for protecting people and property during power outages | Read News Release

J.D. Power releases 2015 Gas Utility Residential Customer Satisfaction StudySM; MidAmerican Energy ranks #1 “Midwest Region: Large Segment,” Alliant Energy ranks #1 in the “Midwest Region: Midsize Segment” and Black Hills Energy also scores well.

September 15.

September 11.

September 4. Iowa Utilities Board (IUB) issues Order Addressing Issues Raised in Inquiry related to application of the statute of limitations to debts owed by customers for natural gas and electric service and Board jurisdiction over municipal level payment plans (Docket No. NOI-2014-0004)

September 1.
Iowa Utilities Board (IUB) issues Order Scheduling Workshop to discuss NOI-2014-0001 draft changes to 199 IAC 15 and 45 to reach some consensus on what rule changes are necessary or desirable. The workshop will be held October 6, 2015, from 9 a.m. to 12 noon in IUB conference rooms 1 and 2. Also issued is a Golf Memo Regarding Recommendation for Revisions to the Board’s Chapter 45 Rules.


August 27. MidAmerican Energy to locate Iowa wind farms in Ida, O’Brien counties. | Read News Release

August 25. Alliant Energy launching innovative solar demonstration project at Madison office. | Read News Release

August 21.

IUB issues Order Opening Inquiry and Soliciting Comments on Renewable Energy Tax Credits (Docket No. NOI-2015-0001). Also issued was a Gold Memo Regarding Recommendation to Open Notice of Inquiry on the Board’s Wind Energy and Renewable Energy Tax Credit Rules.

August 14. MidAmerican Energy to convert streetlights to LED, saving energy and money | (Read News Release).

August 13.

August 11. August 11 (8.11) serves as a reminder to call 811 before you dig.
C – Call 811 before you dig
A – Allow three business days for marks to be made
R – Respect the marks; hand dig within
18 inches
E – Excavate carefully
Call 811

August 5. IUB issues Order Commencing Rulemaking on Docket No. RMU-2015-0001 proposing to adopt amendments to 199 IAC 15.19 and 15.21 in response to legislative changes contained in House File 645, which modifies and enacts provisions related to specified renewable energy tax credits. Also issued is a Gold Memo Regarding Proposed Rule Changes for Renewable Energy Tax Credits Under Iowa Code Chapter 476C.

August 3.


July 30.

July 27.

July 23. Powered by EEI:

July 15.

July 14.

July 9.

July 4. Happy Fourth of July from the IUA!

American flag

July 1.


June 30. 5 for the 4th: Top Five Safety Tips from MidAmerican Energy for a Safe Fourth of July holiday | Read News Release

Jun 18. Lightning Safety: What You Must Know to Stay Safe During a Storm | Read News Release | View Related Video from KWQC TV6: Energy experts share lightning safety tips

June 1. MidAmerican Energy Company MEDIA ALERT: Be aware of phone scam targeting Des Moines businesses | Read News Release


May 28. Severe Weather Awareness: 10 Tips for staying safe before, during and after a storm | Read News Release

May 21. MidAmerican Energy offers cash for old appliances | Read News Release

May 1. MidAmerican Energy Company announces plans for investment of approximately $900 million in new wind development in Iowa | Read News Release


April 23.

April 22.

April 21.

April 15. Wind energy employs about 6,000 in Iowa, report says (Read Governors’ Wind Energy Coalition article)

April 8.


April 6. Alliant Energy: Many diggers put themselves at risk by not calling 811 | Read News Blog Post

March 30. IUB issues Order Providing Agenda for Workshop — the agenda for the workshop announced by the IUB in its March 5, 2015 Order Scheduling Workshop for Docket Title “Application of the Statute of Limitations to Debts Owed by Customers for Natural Gas and Electric Service and Board Jurisdiction Over Municipal Level Payment Plans” (Docket No. NOI-2014-0004).

March 23.

March 19.

March 17, 2015. Iowa Utilities Board (IUB) issues Order Adopting Rules and Requiring Reports in regard to Peak Alert Rules (Docket No. RMU-2014-0007). Also issued is a Gold Memo Regarding Peak Alert Amendments.

March 17. Save some green this St. Patrick’s Day with 10 energy tips from MidAmerican Energy Company | Read News Release

March 5. IUB issues Order Scheduling Workshop for Docket Title “Application of the Statute of Limitations to Debts Owed by Customers for Natural Gas and Electric Service and Board Jurisdiction Over Municipal Level Payment Plans” (Docket No. NOI-2014-0004). Also issued is a Gold Memo Regarding Comment Summary and Recommendation for Workshop.

March 2. Local and state leaders, labor partners and project contractors today joined Alliant Energy and its Ottumwa Generating Station (OGS) co-owner, MidAmerican Energy, to celebrate the completion of a $491 million comprehensive air quality control project and other efficiency upgrades at the facility. | Read News Release


February 17. MidAmerican Energy I CARE helps customers help their neighbors | Read News Release

February 12.

February 10. MidAmerican Energy announces Trees Please! energy efficiency program grant awards; 68 Iowa cities and community organizations are receiving grants totaling $203,000. | Read News Release

February 6.

(Read related Globe Gazette article (1-21-2015) on the multi-million-dollar network of electric transmission lines that will serve North Iowa).

February 6. Iowa Utilities Board issues an Order on Rehearing approving MidAmerican Energy Company‘s proposed Wind IX Iowa electric generation project of up to 162 megawatts| Read News Release

February 3.


January 28.

January 22.

January 20. IUB issues an order approving a settlement with modifications and establishing advance ratemaking principles for MidAmerican Energy Company’s proposed “Wind IX” Iowa electric generation project. MidAmerican Energy has 30 days from the date of the decision order to notify the Board whether it accepts the ratemaking principles awarded. | Read the Board’s Docket No. RPU-2014-0002 decision order new release

January 20. IUB unveils consumer information guide to assist consumers with installation of on-site electric generation. The Board states, “As part of its continuing inquiry to gather information related to policy and technical issues associated with distributed generation in Iowa, including net metering, interconnection, consumer protection and safety, the Iowa Utilities Board today issued an order and Informational Guide for On-Site Generation. The guide was compiled from input provided by stakeholders and participants in the Board’s October 2014 workshop and comments received in Docket No. NOI-2014-0001.” | Read the Board’s Consumer Informational Guide news release

January 16. MidAmerican Energy included in Edison Electric Institute‘s new initiative…

January 15.

January 12. ITC Midwest earns Governor’s Iowa Environmental Excellence Award | Read News Bulletin. Also, see The Gazette’s recently published news article about ITC Midwest‘s innovative program to plant native grasses in electric transmission line corridors of the Cedar Rapids area in an effort to protect Iowa’s native prairies and transmission lines.
ITC Midwest

January 12. MidAmerican Energy completes work on three more wind farms | Read News Release

January 7. As part of the Indian Creek Nature Center’s Amazing Space campaign (Cedar Rapids, Iowa), Alliant Energy will install and own a cutting-edge solar power system to provide energy for the Nature Center’s new learning center. | Read Alliant Energy News blog post

January 7. EPA announced it has delayed when it will finalize rules relating to CO2 emissions for new, existing and modified and reconstructed power plants. Regarding the proposed standards for new power plants under Section 111(b) of the Clean Air Act, EPA expects to finalize the rule by mid-summer 2015. EPA’s proposed Clean Power Plan for existing power plants under Section 111(d) of the Clean Air Act also will be finalized by mid-summer 2015. EPA’s CO2 emission limits for modified and reconstructed power plants, issued under Section 111(d) of the Clean Air Act, also will be finalized mid-summer 2015. Additionally, EPA announces it will begin developing a federal plan proposal to meet state CO2 emissions goals for existing power plans; EPA expects to propose the federal plan in mid-summer 2015 and make it available for public review and comment. Before then, EPA has indicated it will conduct additional stakeholder outreach to help develop the federal plan, which is for states that do not submit their own implementation plan.



December 31. Iowa DNR’s legislatively mandated ‘2013 Iowa Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report’ shows Iowa greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) decreased for the second year in a row. | IDNR News Release

December 29. IUB issues “Order Scheduling Conference Call Regarding Distributed Generation Data and Requiring Filing.” A conference call is scheduled for 10 a.m. on Tuesday, January 27, 2015, to discuss distributed generation data as outlined in this order. MidAmerican Energy Company, Interstate Power and Light Company, the Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives, and the Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities are to have representatives on the call. Also issued: “Gold Memo Regarding Scheduling Conference Call to Discuss Distributed Generation Data.”

December 24.

December 23. Alliant Energy: Central College charts course to a greener campus | News Release

December 23.

December 12. MidAmerican Energy: Give yourself a gift this holiday season — long-lasting, energy-saving LED lights | News Release

December 11.

Real estate blog Movoto examined criteria such as income, cost of food, cost of utilities, the median home price and the state unemployment.

December 10. MidAmerican Energy offers tips for lighting this holiday season safely | News Release
Christmas lights

December 4. Safe demolition begins on Alliant Energy‘s Sixth Street Generating Station, a fixture of the downtown Cedar Rapids skyline for nearly 125 years | News release.

December 3. Iowa Utilities Board issues “Order Soliciting Final Comments Regarding On-Site Generation Guide.” The checklist is found at the end of the order and has been renamed “The Informational Guide for On-Site Generation” and includes five sections. Also issued was a “Gold Memo Regarding Informational Guide for On-Site Generation.”

December 3. Iowa Utilities Board issues “Order Initiating Inquiry into Application of the Statute of Limitations to Debts Owed by Customers for Natural Gas and Electric Service and Board Jurisdiction Over Municipal Level Payment Plans” (Docket No. NOI-2014-0004). Also issued was a Gold Memo Regarding Recommendation to Open New Inquiry.

December 2. Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad and three other governors sign letter to leaders in House of Representatives and the Senate urging PTC extension.

December 1. The Office of Gov. Terry E. Branstad announced that United States Senator-elect Joni Ernst submitted her resignation from Iowa State Senate; Branstad sets special election for Senate District 12 for December 30, 2014 (read news release; read Senator-elect Ernst’s full letter of resignation).


November 27-28. IUA offices will be closed for the Thanksgiving holiday and will reopen Monday, December 1. Happy Thanksgiving!
Thanksgiving meal

November 24.

November 21. Alliant Energy: ‘Energy makes preparing your holiday meal as easy as pie: Electricity is only 3 percent of the cost of a Thanksgiving meal’ (read news release).

November 17.

November 15.

November 13. MidAmerican Energy Company introduces new program designed to help Iowa businesses identify opportunities for energy savings (read news release).

November 12. State of Iowa Comments on EPA’s Proposed 111(d) Carbon Standards | The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (IDNR), the Iowa Utilities Board (IUB), and the Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) jointly submitted comments on the EPA’s proposed carbon standards for existing power plants. Downloads:
State of Iowa 111(d) Comments (pdf)
Attachment A (pdf)
Attachment B (xls)
Attachment C (pdf)

November 11 | Veterans Day.

November 10. Black Hills Energy: “Save Big with These Five Easy Fixes to Conserve Energy in Your Home” | view news announcement.

November 7. MidAmerican Energy Company issues MEDIA ALERT: Beware of phone scam targeting utility customers | view news release.

November 6. From today’s The Des Moines Register: “Tour a MidAmerican wind turbine in Macksburg”

November 4.

ELECTION 2014 | November 4.
Haven’t voted yet? View the Iowa Secretary of State’s election page and view Iowa Prosperity Project for important voter information.


October 30.

October 28. EPA issues two actions related to the proposed Clean Power Plan, making additional information and ideas available for public comment in the notice of data availability (NODA). EPA also proposes carbon goals for areas in Indian Country & U.S. Territories (view news release).

October 27. MidAmerican Energy Company issues MEDIA ALERT: Phone scams strike Quad Cities businesses (view news release).

October 23. Advertisements placed in both The Des Moines Register and in the Business Record announce recently retired Interstate Power and Light – Alliant Energy President Tom Aller has been inducted into the Iowa Business Hall of Fame by the 2014 Greater Des Moines Committee.

October 17. MidAmerican Energy Company files Motion to Extend Time for Docket to Remain Open and Request Additional Clarification regarding Docket Number NOI-2014-0003, Bill Payment Agreements for Electric and Natural Gas Service Provided by Rate Regulated, Municipal and Electric Cooperative Utilities. The deadline for filing comments in support of the extension is Thursday, November 6.

October 15.

October 13-17. Gov. Terry Branstad signed an official proclamation designating this week as Iowa’s second-ever Careers in Energy Week.
Get Into Energy

October 13. Krista Tanner to leave Alliant Energy and join ITC as vice president, ITC Holdings Corp. and president, ITC Midwest (read news release).

October 10.

(read MidAmerican Energy’s news release)

(read official news release on the Office of the Governor’s website)

October 1.

October 1. MidAmerican Energy‘s 2014 EMPOWER U session dates and locations are set. First of six sessions across Iowa is on Monday, Oct. 20 in Coralville, Iowa; last session is on Monday, Nov. 3 in Des Moines. For more information and to register for a session, please visit


September 30.

September 24.

September 23. Today is National Voter Registration Day. Are you registered to vote in Iowa? Check here on the Iowa Secretary of State’s voter registration page:

September 19. Iowa Utilities Board issues an “Order Soliciting Additional Comments and Scheduling Workshop,” regarding its Notice of Inquiry (NOI) on Distributed Generation (DG), NOI-2014-0001. DG workshop set for Tuesday, October 21, 2014 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in conference rooms 1 and 2 in the IUB offices, 1375 E. Court Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa. Also issued was a “Gold Memo Gold Memo Regarding Recommendation to Solicit Additional Responses Regarding Net Metering and Interconnection of Distributed Generation and Schedule a Workshop for Distributed Generation Checklist.

September 17.

September 17. MidAmerican Energy, in observance of National Farm Safety and Health Week (September 21-27, 2014), offers tips to help farmers stay safe when working around electricity this harvest season (read news release).

September 16. The EPA today announced a 45-day extension of the public comment period on the proposed guidelines for reducing GHG emissions from existing sources under section 111(d) of the Clean Air Act. Now, comments on the Clean Power Plan Proposed Rule must be received by December 1, 2014.
For more info, visit EPA’s Carbon Pollution Standards homepage.

September 15. ITC Midwest LLC and American Transmission Co. are proposing a high-voltage transmission line connecting northeast Iowa and western Wisconsin that would provide economic savings, support renewable energy policy and improve electric system reliability. A study area from Dubuque County, Iowa to Dane County, Wisconsin has been identified for the approximately 125-mile, 345-kilovolt line. (Learn more about the Cardinal-Hickory Creek Transmission Line Project at; download a project fact sheet; and read the official news release).

September 15. Recycling program from MidAmerican Energy offers cash for old appliances (read news release).

September 11. MidAmerican Energy moves forward with new transmission line construction in Humboldt and Kossuth Counties (read news release), and construction commences on new MidAmerican Energy transmission line in Black Hawk County (read news release).

September 11.

September 4. Alliant Energy: Home energy assessments provide opportunities for savings as the heating season approaches (read news release).


August 29. Black Hills Energy to build new facility in west beltway commercial addition in Spencer, Iowa (read news release).

August 25.

August 25. View the Iowa Utilities Board‘s recently released 2014 Customer Service Fall Meeting Dates, Times & Locations (PDF). First meeting begins on Monday, September 8 in Des Moines (IUB/OCA building) at 9:30 a.m.

August 18.
MUST SEE VIDEO from Seimens, which recently received from MidAmerican Energy Company the largest onshore wind turbine order in the world (1,050 MW), gets extra creative, sends out popular tweet about Iowa wind:

August 13. IUA, on behalf of the participating utilities and the Oversight Committee, issues RFP for Iowa Energy Efficiency Net-To-Gross Report. View the Net-To-Gross Report RFP webpage to download relevant documents.

August 12.

August 11.

(Read National Safe Digging Day news releases from Alliant Energy and Black Hills Energy).

August 8. IUA, on behalf of the participating utilities and the Oversight Committee, issues RFP for Iowa Energy Efficiency Statewide Technical Reference Manual (TRM). View the TRM RFP webpage to download relevant documents.


July 29. Two of Iowa’s investor-owned utilities this week warn Iowa’s small businesses and residents to be wary of scam artists posing as utility employees. The utilities also offer advice to customers to help recognize and avoid scams (read MidAmerican Energy’s news release and “read Black Hills Energy’s news release).

July 24. Alliant Energy adds a natural gas pipeline to serve more customers, breaking ground on a new 12-inch, thirteen-mile natural gas pipeline that travels from Story City to Ames (read news letter).

July 21. Summer heat has finally arrived in Iowa! MidAmerican Energy offers 7 easy ways to save on summer cooling costs.

July 16. MidAmerican Energy Company and Alliant Energy score high in the new 2014 J.D. Power Electric Utility Residential Customer Satisfaction StudySM. And, for the seventh straight year, MidAmerican Energy Company’s residential customers have ranked the company highest for overall satisfaction in its category (read MidAmerican Energy’s news release).

July 15. Alliant Energy breaks ground on Marshalltown Generating Station project | Groundbreaking celebrates economic and environmental benefits of investment in Iowa’s energy future (read news release).

July 11. The Iowa Supreme Court this morning filed its long-awaited opinion on the Eagle Point Solar case (case no. 13–0642) ruling 4-2 in favor of Eagle Point Solar by affirming the earlier Iowa District Court decision and rejecting the IUB’s decision that Eagle Point Solar was a public utility as defined in Iowa Code section 476.1.

July 10. The Iowa Supreme Court announced this morning it is expected to file an opinion tomorrow, July 11, on the Eagle Point Solar case (case no. 13–0642), SZ Enters., LLC v. Iowa Utilities Board. Petitioner filed a petition with the Iowa Utilities Board for a declaratory order that petitioner would not be acting as a “public utility” as defined in Iowa Code section 476.1, or as an “electric utility” as defined in section 476.22, if it installed and operated an on-site solar power system on property owned by the City of Dubuque and thereafter sold electricity to the city under a third-party power purchase agreement. The Utilities Board ruled that petitioner would be acting as a public utility under those circumstances; the district court reversed that ruling on judicial review. The Utilities Board and intervenors appeal.

July 10. Alliant Energy, Black Hills Energy and MidAmerican Energy rank among nation’s ‘Most Trusted’ utilities, according the results of a new Utility Trusted Brand & Customer Engagement™ study, as described by energy research company Market Strategies. View the Full 2014 Top Tier Brand List.

July 10. MidAmerican Energy Company takes steps to combat copper wire theft (read news release).

July 9.

July 4. Happy Fourth of July from the IUA!

American flag

July 3. EPA announces four additional public hearings on its newly proposed rules, ‘Carbon Pollution Emission Guidelines for Existing Stationary Sources: Electric Utility Generating Units’ and ‘Carbon Pollution Standards for Modified and Reconstructed Stationary Sources: Electric Utility Generating Units.’ EPA cites “the overwhelming response to the previously announced public hearings” as its reason behind adding additional public hearing days.


June 25. MidAmerican Energy Company issues tips for lightning safety awareness week (read news release).

June 20. The U.S. Department of Energy launched a new series on
How Energy Works.” Today, the U.S. DOE posted its first article in the series titled “How a Wind Turbine Works.”

June 19. MidAmerican Energy Company offers flood safety tips (read news release). “Flooding can disrupt electric and natural gas service and create hazards for people and property in the affected areas.”

June 18. Gov. Terry Branstad announces appointments to Iowa’s Electrical Examining Board.

June 18. EPA‘s proposed rule on reducing carbon pollution from existing power plants under Section 111(d) of the Clean Air Act was printed in the Federal Register today, beginning a four-month public comment period that ends October 16, 2014.

June 9. IUA, in concert with the industry (specifically EEI and AGA), signs ‘Support LIHEAP Letter‘ initiated by the National Energy and Utility Affordability Coalition (NEUAC). The letter is ‘ An Open Letter to the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives Appropriations Committees To Increase Funding for LIHEAP to At Least $4.7 Billion in FY2015.’ (Also, read AGA blog post).

June 6. Energy efficiency partnership with Alliant Energy: RAIL.ONE USA’s new concrete rail tie production facility includes energy efficient equipment; company receives $11,007 rebate under Alliant Energy’s New Construction and Custom Rebate energy programs (read news release).

June 4. Alliant Energy begins construction on its approximate 650 megawatt, combined-cycle, natural gas-fueled Marshalltown Generating Station (MSG) after having received all of the necessary regulatory approvals and permits to issue a Full Notice to Proceed (FNTP) for its construction (read official news release).

June 2. Read EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy’s remarks announcing the Clean Power Plan and view EPA fact sheets and documents related to the proposed rule.


May 29. MidAmerican Energy offers safety tips for severe storms (read news release).

May 29. Black Hills Energy in collaboration with A-TEC is issuing a request for proposals for energy evaluation delivery for both residential and small businesses in select Iowa counties. Intent to Bid must be submitted by June 2, 2014.

May 23. Iowa Supreme Court reverses district court’s order that affirmed IUB’s ruling in favor of ITC Midwest under Iowa Code 476.27 in Hawkeye Land Co. v. Iowa Utils. Bd. (No. 13-0146). Read the Iowa Supreme Court decision.

May 22. Iowa Supreme Court expected to file opinion tomorrow (May 23) on Hawkeye Land Co. v. Iowa Utils. Bd. (13–0146) concerning ITC Midwest (see case description on

May 13. NextEra Energy Duane Arnold publishes new video (WATCH HERE) citing an independent study confirming the tremendous local impact of the NextEra Energy Duane Arnold Energy Center the same day Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad praises DAEC as an economic engine (WATCH HERE). Download infographic: “NextEra Energy Duane Arnold Energy Center: An Economic Engine for America” (PDF).

May 13. Alliant Energy‘s Hometown Rewards program to kick off in Oelwein on Thursday, May 29 from 5:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. at Oelwein Community Plaza (read news release).

May 12. After reviewing submitted comments on the IUB‘s NOI on distributed generation (NOI-2014-001), the IUB wants to focus its inquiry on net metering and interconnection distributed generation, according to its just-issued Order Soliciting Additional Comments on DG, Net Metering, & Interconnection and Including Reports. The Board’s latest order has added a number of different questions and is seeking responses to those questions on or before June 24, 2014. The Board also posted online its April 18 Gold Memo Regarding Recommendation to Solicit Responses Regarding Net Metering, and Interconnection of DG.

May 9. Gov. Terry Branstad announces he will be speaking at the NextEra Energy Duane Arnold Energy Center on Wednesday, May 14 at 11:30 a.m. (see event on Gov. Branstad’s public events calendar).


April 30. MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company, the parent of MidAmerican Energy, has changed its name to Berkshire Hathaway Energy, effective immediately (read news release).

April 25. IUBOCA State office building wins national award for its exceptional energy savings (read news release).

April 24. Alliant Energy‘s Iowa utility announces it is upgrading electric grid in Reinbeck, Iowa area (read news release).

April 23. Live video of falcons nesting at MidAmerican Energy’s Davenport building is available online at

April 22. MidAmerican Energy Company and Google announce renewable energy agreement in Iowa (read news release.)

April 14. This year, Alliant Energy electric utility customers across Iowa will generate more renewable energy than ever before (read news release).

April 10. MidAmerican Energy Co., as part of its Be Bright program, offers discounted pricing on light emitting diode (LED) light bulbs to help more customers experience the benefits of energy efficient lighting (read news release).

April 10. Gov. Branstad signs proclamation announcing April as Iowa Safe Digging Month (read Common Ground Iowa’s news release).

April 1. April is National Safe Digging Month (read IUB’s news release).


March 25.
Alliant Energy reaches agreement to extend Iowa electric base rate freeze and provide customer credits (read news release).

March 21.
The Iowa Department of Revenue (IDOR) received notice that the ongoing replacement tax litigation with the Little Sioux ethanol plant will continue on. Little Sioux intends to appeal to the Iowa Supreme Court the February 28, 2014 Polk County District Court decision. More to follow on this issue in the weeks/months ahead.

March 20.
Iowa Utilities Board issues order initiating inquiry to collect information from electric and natural gas utilities concerning bill payment agreements entered into with residential customers during and after the Winter Moratorium period, specifically from November 1, 2013 through May 1, 2014. View NOI-2014-0003.

March 18.
New J.D. Power Gas Utility Business Customer Satisfaction Study awards extraordinarily high rankings to MidAmerican Energy Company, Alliant Energy and Black Hills Energy (see J.D. Power study findings; read MidAmerican Energy’s news release).

March 17.

March 17.
MidAmerican Energy Company recognizes National Flood Awareness Week, March 17-21, by sharing flood safety tips and reminding customers there is no charge to disconnect and restore electric and natural gas services due to flooding (read news release).

March 13.
EEI President Tom Kuhn issues statement on the physical security of the electric power grid (read it here.).

March 5.

March 4.
Energy grid investments keep power flowing to Alliant Energy‘s Iowa customers (read news release).

March 3.
MidAmerican Energy Company is reminding its customers about energy efficiency and payment programs after a colder-than-normal February and increased natural gas market prices (read news release).


February 28.

February 27.

February 25. ‘Green Dot’ scam continues to impact customers of MidAmerican Energy Company (read news release).

February 25. Alliant Energy announces year-end 2013 results: Affirms 2014 earnings guidance and provides an update to forecasted 2014 – 2017 capital expenditures (read news release.)

February 20 Due to the weather, the Iowa DNR’s Air Quality Client Contact meeting originally scheduled for today at 1:00 p.m. was rescheduled to Thursday, March 6 at 10:00 a.m. A revised agenda will be posted on the IDNR’s website prior to the meeting. The location and conference line information will remain the same.

February 18. IUB issues order stating it has scheduled its verbal decision meeting regarding MidAmerican Energy Company’s proposed rate increase (Docket No. RPU-2013-0004). (For more information, visit the RPU-2013-0004 information page.)

February 18. IUB issues order stating it has scheduled its verbal decision meeting regarding MidAmerican Energy Company’s proposed rate increase (Docket No. RPU-2013-0004). (For more information, visit the RPU-2013-0004 information page.)

February 13. MidAmerican Energy Company and Alliant Energy rank very high in new J.D. Power 2014 Electric Utility Business Customer Satisfaction StudySM. (read MidAmerican Energy’s news release).

February 11. Alliant Energy announces executive retirement, promotions: Aller to retire, Kopp, Gallegos and Kouba promoted (read Alliant Energy’s news release for more information).

February 3.


January 28. Alliant Energy‘s Iowa utility announces its partnership with eleven local businesses across the State of Iowa in The Sustainability Circle program. (read Alliant Energy’s news release).

January 24. MidAmerican Energy Co. announces its participation the 2014 Pipeline Awareness and Education Meetings hosted by the Iowa Pipeline Association. The meetings will be held though March, and all emergency responders and public officials are encouraged to attend. Visit the Iowa Pipeline Association for the upcoming meetings schedule. (read MidAmerican Energy’s news release).

January 22. The Iowa Supreme Court hears oral arguments on a case (Docket No. 13-0642) involving Eagle Point Solar and its proposed solar project that would sell the output to the city of Dubuque. The high court should issue its decision sometime within the next 60-100 days.

January 13. The 2014 Iowa legislative session is officially under way. Check back often for updates on energy industry-related issues debated during this year’s session. You may also visit our legislative page for frequent updates from the Iowa Capitol.

January 8. EPA publishes re-proposal of greenhouse gas standards for new power plants. The EPA withdrew its April 13, 2012 proposed standard in place of the re-proposed rule, which now sets separate standards for natural gas and coal-fired plants. The key proposal is an emission standard for new coal-fired power plants that would require the incorporation of substantial (but not complete) capture and sequestration of carbon dioxide emissions (view the re-proposal in the Jan. 8 Federal Register: the Daily Journal of the United States Government).

January 7. IUB files Notice of Inquiry (NOI) on distributed generation (Docket No NOI-2014-0001). Participants are invited to provide information identified in this order to the IUB on or before February 25, 2014 (read IUB’s order opening inquiry on distributed generation and soliciting comments).

January 6. Liberty Utilities, which provides natural gas delivery to over 4,000 customers in the communities of Keokuk and Montrose, is warning of an email scam targeting its natural gas customers (read Liberty Utilities’s news release).

January 3 & 4. Alliant Energy and MidAmerican Energy Company offer cold weather safety tips (read Alliant Energy’s news release, and read MidAmerican Energy’s news release).

January 3. Alliant Energy‘s Iowa and Minnesota utility announces plans to convert the fuel source of the M.L. Kapp Generating Station in Clinton, Iowa from coal to natural gas in the spring of 2015 (read Alliant Energy’s news release).

January 1, 2014. Happy New Year from the IUA and its investor-owned electric and natural gas utilities! As always, we’ll be working hard in 2014 to keep Iowa’s energy safe, reliable and affordable.


December 27. Business Record lists MidAmerican Energy Company‘s $2 billion wind expansion as its “Top Energy Deal” of 2013 and Alliant Energy’s Iowa utility‘s state approval for its Marshalltown Generating Station as its runner-up.

December 27.

December 17. Gov. Branstad and Lt. Gov. Reynolds announce the launching of, a new website for Home Base Iowa. The initiative is a new non-profit, private-public partnership that will recruit veterans and active duty service members for private-sector job opportunities in Iowa (read the Office of the Governor’s official press release).

Home Base Iowa logo

December 16. Siemens Energy announces world’s largest onshore wind turbine order is placed by MidAmerican Energy Company (read MidAmerican Energy’s news release).

December 16. IUB issues its final order approving MidAmerican Energy Company‘s five-year energy efficiency plan for 2014-2018 (Docket No. EEP-2012-0002) and budget for both natural gas and electric customers in Iowa (read MidAmerican Energy’s news release).

December 4. Iowa Supreme Court decides to hear oral arguments in case involving Dubuque’s Eagle Point Solar; oral arguments set for Jan. 22, 2014 at 1 p.m. Each side to have 15 minutes; the appellant will have an additional 5 minutes for reply. Respondent-Appellant is IUB; Intervenors-Appellants are Alliant Energy’s Iowa Utility, MidAmerican Energy, IAEC.

December 2. IUB issues final order approving new, five-year energy efficiency plan for Alliant Energy‘s Iowa utility. The current plan ends December 31, and the new plan launches January 1, 2014 (read Alliant Energy’s official news release).

December 2. IUB files notice of Order Adopting Amendments to 199 IAC 25.4 for Docket Number RMU-2012-0002, Docket Title: Pole Attachment Rule Making (199 IAC Chapter 27) and Amendment to 199 IAC 15.5(2).

November 21. From Alliant Energy: Energy is a low-cost ‘ingredient’ in our Thanksgiving dinner. The price of electricity to make that meal for Alliant Energy customers in Iowa? $1.59. The company also encourages customers to use safe and energy-efficient practices (read official news release).
Thanksgiving meal

November 19. Alliant Energy accepts proposed IUB order to construct Marshalltown power plant (read official news release).

November 18. Alliant Energy releases its annual Environmental Report.

Alliant Energy Environmental Report

November 15. Iowa Utilities Board and utility industry — including Alliant Energy, Black Hills Energy and MidAmerican Energy — support Governor Terry E. Branstad’s Home Base Iowa Initiative to match military veterans with civilian jobs (read IUB’s official news release).

November 13. Following today’s decision meeting, IUB approves MidAmerican Energy Company‘s 2014-2018 energy efficiency plan (EEP-2012-0002).

November 12. Alliant Energy set to clean steam lines and new boiler system at Prairie Creek Generating Station in Cedar Rapids between November 15 and November 20 (read news release).

November 11 | Veteran’s Day. Thank you to all the men and women who fought and sacrificed to keep America free and strong. Happy Veteran’s Day from the IUA.

American flag

November 8. IUB Chair Libby Jacobs issues proposed decision and order approving siting certificate and establishing ratemaking principles for Alliant Energy‘s Marshalltown Generating Station (MGS) (read Alliant Energy’s news release and read the IUB’s news release).

November 7. Gov. Branstad and Lt. Gov. Reynolds — with Alliant Energy, Black Hills Energy, MidAmerican Energy and Iowa’s utility associations — host press conference at Iowa Capitol warning Iowans to be wary of up-tick in utility scams (read IUA blog post & the official press release).

November 6. Construction is now underway at MidAmerican Energy Company‘s five new wind expansion project sites in Iowa; details emerge about the developers, turbine supplier, contractors and project size by location (read news release).

November 5. Materials presented by speakers at MidAmerican Energy Company’s recently concluded “EMPOWER U” meetings now available at

October 29. A judge in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia issues memorandum giving the EPA 60 days to set deadline for finalizing federal regulations on coal ash.

October 25. MidAmerican Energy Company helps its parent company — MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company — earn the No. 1 ranking for overall customer satisfaction among large commercial and industrial customers of electric utility holding companies, according to 2013 data released this week by TQS Research, Inc. (read news release).

October 15. The legislature’s Interim Stray Electric Current and Agriculture Study Committee set its tentative agenda for its Monday, October 28 meeting in room 103 of the Supreme Court Chamber at the Iowa Statehouse from 10:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

October 14. Gov. Terry E. Branstad signs proclamation recognizing Iowa’s first-ever Careers in Energy Week.

October 4. MidAmerican Energy and City of Des Moines Mayor Frank Cownie announce new community-based, pilot initiative called “Save Some Green Neighborhood Initiative” to help homeowners in the Beaverdale, Lower Beaver and Gray’s Lake neighborhoods in Des Moines become more energy efficient (read news release). October 1.

September 26. Des Moines area-based design & engineering firms receive Excellence in Energy Efficient Design awards, sponsored by Alliant Energy, Black Hills Energy and MidAmerican Energy, for new construction projects.

September 23. MidAmerican Energy and Alliant Energy rank high in Midwest Region in J.D. Power and Associates 2013 Gas Utility Residential Customer Satisfaction Study (read J.D. Power and Associates’s news release; read MidAmerican Energy’s news release).